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Abageal K

I've been goi gto Dr. Levi for over a year now, through a surgery and then another injury. His bedside manner has always made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision for surgery and other treatments. His office is always busy but I've never felt rushed. He will take time to answer my questions thoroughly. He is also very knowledgeable and well trained. He knows his stuff. If you find yourself needing surgery with Dr. Levi I would also highly recommend his surgical center in Pleasant Prarie. I had the best experience there!

Meranda R

The staff and Dr. Connor were all very nice and informative. She laid out all the fact regarding my condition and didn’t pressure me to make any decision until I was more comfortable. She was kind, and patient.

Sujay K

Visit was great and Dr. Saper is amazing! Very knowledgeable and with excellent bedside manner. Highly recommend him for Orthopedic consultation.

Diana S

Dr. Levi is a wonderful doctor!l. He was very patient and made sure to thoroughly explain what might be going on with my hip issues. He listened to all of my concerns and took plenty of xrays to rule out anything serious. The staff here is also very friendly and really made me feel comfortable during this visit. A lot of my worries were lessened by the time I left.... I will definitely come back here for any follow up! Thank you!

Tristan P

Dr. Saper was great. He really took the time to listen to my issue and admitted when he didn't know something which I appreciate. He was very honest and made me feel very comfortable! Few doctors are as friendly as him.

Jennifer L H

The office staff were very helpful when there was a problem with my insurance. They were accommodating with my request that their insurance person speak with my insurance company to solve the issue. I had appointments at both Offices in Chicago and found the staff at both to be very helpful, polite and efficient. Dr. Connor was professional, supportive and very proactive in treating my problem. I would recommend her to any one having an injury to their ankle or foot.

Amanda S

Dr. Levi was terrific. He was thorough, answered all my questions and got my x-rays taken very quickly. His office got the authorization for an MRI and help me schedule an appointment. Dr. Levi is knowledgeable, thorough, down to Earth and kind.

Alice H

Dr. Saper and his team of residents were outstanding. I had been without health insurance for a while, so I forgot how great it is to see a top of the line doctor. Dr. Saper was extremely knowledgeable about the knee pain I had been experiencing; and he even suspected that I'd have an off reaction anethesia based on me being ginger (I've had doctors look at me like I'm crazy when I bring this up). He and his team of residents took the time to listen to me and I'm really excited to continue my healing journey in his hands. Aside from just being great doctors, bedside manner was excellent; I felt very comfortable. Highly highly recommend this practice.

Lauren W

Dr. Levi and the entire staff was absolutely wonderful. They were thorough and explained everything to me in great detail. I highly recommend Dr. Levi for any ortho need you might have!

Mary H

Dr. Saper is exceptional ly knowledgeable & highly informed about the latest research as it applies clinically. He is warm, friendly, kind! He’s the best orthopedic surgeon I have met.

Kristina F

Dr. Connor was very attentive and respectful. She listened carefully and trusted what I had to say about my experience of my injury. Her staff members were friendly and skillful.

Camilo F

This is my third soccer related injury and the third time I have seen Dr Saper. His staff is fantastic and very accommodating. Dr. Saper is very thorough and diligent when looking at options and not always eager to cut you open. His education accolades speak for themselves and bedside manner is always on point. I would recommend Dr. Saper to all athletes who never want to stop playing the sports they love.

Alexis D

Dr. Levi was great. He is nice, has a good bedside manner, is thorough, and professional. He was very patient with me and he answered all of my questions. I felt that he listened and addressed all of my concerns. Good doctor!

Charise R

Really felt comfortable in office & and with Dr. Saper & assistants that were in the room He was very honest and upfront and kind listened to my on going medical issues and was very attentive to my concerns. Today I started a journey with Dr Saper as we work together & his team on a plan for better healthly Me. Thank you..

Natalie B

My apt. was one of the best medical customer services experiences I've had. Dr. Connor's team works together well to be as efficient and welcoming as possible. Each team member i worked with was patient, responsive and prompt at the 1431 Western Ave. location.

Edwin M

Doctor Gabriel Levi was very patient and kind. He listened to everything I had to say and took his time figuring out how to help me with my issues..

Rachel C

These are the best orthopaedic surgeons you will ever find! I have seen Dr. LeviDr. Saper, and Dr. Connor. These doctors take the time and care with you, rather than rush you out like a factory. Dr. Levi did knee surgery on my husband more than 10 years ago and we have both returned and sent friends to see him. He truly cares about you and will do everything to avoid surgery which I really like. They have their own MRI and X-ray so you don't have to go all over the place. They offer many alternatives to surgery that they do for you right there including injections, laser, and physical therapy. I highly suggest this practice!!!!

Seth H

I had one of the best Dr experiences ever with this facility. I came to see Dr. Levi after letting an injury linger longer than I should have. Dr. Levi was able to get me into surgery asap thanks to the timely coordination with his staff and my HMO. After my surgery, the staff was very timely with helping me with my short term disability and corresponding work paper. I found the staff very kind and considerate and while I don't want to have to see them again for more injuries if something should happen I would definitely try to leverage this facility and Dr. Levi.

Patrick M

Excellent experience with Dr. Gabriel Levi. Very much appreciated the ability to have my xray and MRI done the same day of my visit without having to visit another facility. Medial meniscus surgery was incredibly smooth and I was back on my bike in 2 weeks. You may be frustrated if you have to wait a litle for your appointment but it is well worth the wait to see Dr. Levi. He is very thorough and explains everything. Much better than my last experience at IBJI where I felt like I was just being churned and spit out. PT is top notch as well.

Larry L

I can't thank the incredible staff enough ! I was riding my bike and was hit broadside by a car. I am able to walk without pain after a procedure performed by Dr. Levi and with the compassionate help of his highly trained PT staff. Highly recommended! Thank you to everyone at ORC!

Bernadette I

Excellent service and staff! This place is staffed with highly trained individuals that understand peoples needs. Dr. Levi is a excellent surgeon and I am back to work 12 days after my procedure with the help of his PT staff. Highly recommended! Thank you to everyone at ORC!

Traian B

I am involved with the staff from this center for 7 months now, and everything is smooth sailing from beginning. Is it just human nature to harshly criticize for every little disappointment. Changes should start within all of us, and maybe kindness, patience and understanding should prevail in every action. From my own experience I have to recognize the hard working personnel that I dealt with and commend them for what they do. Dr. Jennifer Connor knowledge and golden hands performed a pretty complicated surgery on my foot in April, it's the end of June now, and I am recovering quickly and testyfing that the surgery outcome is a definite success. Thank you Dr. Connor!! Many thanks to Anya from X-ray who always have a smile glowing and a word of encouragement. Also Maria and Diane from front desk who navigate daily through forms, insurance claims,appointments and always winning the paperwork deadline ! On the other side . Physical Therapy department you are greeted by the jovial Edgar who is trying his best to accommodate your appointments.The physical therapists are just amazing and they are doing their best to try to fix you!Once you enter their realm you are greeted by the energetic and kind Theresa who is keeping the place tidy and organized.Lou(the Zen master) will do the best in showing you the correct way of doing your routine.( he is also very skilled on taping your injured body part) Giovanni, Joey, Agnes they are amazing in their passionate , professional way and extremely knowledged in human anatomy .So , why so many bad reviews? This is a good place to be, if you understand that the progress and wellbeing starts with you , guided by the professionals within. Warm thanks to all of you at ORC!.

Sean W

I got lucky to find this place it is beyond excellent the staff all the ppl are very concern n treat the ppl well i highly recommend dr jennifer connor is beyond outstanding shes patient understanding. Caring i highly recommend her great job on my surgery.thank u jennifer connor for ur proffesional attitude n great job on my surgery .

Emily E

I had a last minute scheduled appointment with Dr David Saper. I was in an auto accident and was rear ended with a contusion to my right hand. I was concerned I had fractured it and know from experience the longer left untreated, the worse it gets. I was able to schedule the appointment the day after the accident and I was seen right away. I had many X-rays taken and Dr Saper took extra time to take additional x-rays to ensure there were no fractures. He was excellent in quickly diagnosing the issue and they even had prescriptions available there so no hassle with pharmacies. I highly recommend and trust his expertise! The staff was very quick and the whole experience was great.


I have been a patient of Dr. Gabriel Levi for several years and I highly recommend him for your arthritic knees! For years I suffered with a "dislocating" knee that fell out of place with no warning- an outpatient surgery with Dr Levi repaired that issue and for the last two years I have not had a single instance of dislocation. I will be getting my knee partially replaced in the fall, and feel completely confident in Dr. Levi's surgical skill to help ease the pain I have on the daily. Make an appointment- you won't regret it!

Tom W

Before I go into details on my experience with both Dr. Gabriel Levi and his father Dr. Roberto Levi, I am going to give a background on my health issues so people who read this will understand the severity of my problems and the limitations on treating them. I am 45 years old. When I was 15 I fell through the ice and into a frozen river. It destroyed the valves in my deep veins and my legs have been on a downhill slide ever since. I decided to drive a truck for a living for 15 years and during that time I made my knees, and my circulation worse, so much to the point that I became disabled at the age of 35. I started seeing Dr. Gabriel Levi back in 2013 when my knees became so bad that I was having problems being able to walk. I was informed that I have sever arthritis in both knees as well as structural damage to both joints. Surgery is not an option, due to ongoing leg ulcers that I suffer from, because there is a high chance for infection. In spite of all of this, Dr. Gabriel Levi has worked with me since I first saw him and I am able to walk pretty good, with no surgery. Several orthopedics before him told me that my problems are something that I will just have to live with. Dr. Gabriel Levi did not have this attitude. He tried several different options with me and when one failed, he tried again. He became innovative and kept trying until we had a breakthrough. While I have some pain when I walk, it has not stopped my mobility and the best part is, I am not dependent on pain medications. Dr. Gabriel gave me relief through newer techniques and physical therapy. Dr. Roberto helped me immensely when I ended up with back pain in 2014 from the simple task of putting my cat's carrier down and twisting the wrong way. Again, the physical therapy staff at this center did wonders and I eventually needed no pain medications in order to lead a normal life, well normal for me anyways. I see Dr Gabriel every few months till for my knees and in December, an incident happened that caused a tear in my shoulder. Dr. Gabriel did every thing he could at first to avoid the need for surgery but should surgery ended up being the only option. This surgery was done last Monday and Dr. Gabriel even took great care in avoiding a tattoo on my shoulder in order to cause the least amount of damage to it, while being able to fix my should. I will be starting physical therapy this week and I am again confident that Dr. Gabriel and the staff at his rehab center will again make me whole. If you have any problems whatsoever, I would recommend giving Dr Gabriel, Dr. Roberto, and the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center a try. I moved 30 miles away from this center in April of 2017 yet I still make the trips in and will continue to because of the quality of care that I receive. Sure I could look for someone closer to home but due to the quality of care I get from Dr. Gabriel, it is worth the drive. This Center and its Dr's are the best.

Sergio L. H

Staff is great really friendly and helpful since they one they help me with my injury, therapist really know what they are doing im glad i found this place made my injury recovery time shorter nothing but positive things about this place.Thank you all for the help and support, keep up the good work.

Alice K

Dear Dr. Gabriel Levi, I would like to take this time to say thank you for being such a caring physician, surgeon and human being. I originally started coming to Orthopaedic Rehabilitation centers when I fell and broke my right hand in the winter of 2013. I was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital emergency and you were the doctor on call at the time. Your father, Dr. Roberto Levi, performed reconstructive surgery on my hand.

I have been using it with no problems or pain. He did a great job! I asked you about my knees on one of my follow up visits from my hand surgery. Who would have known I would become a longtime patient? I never felt like you ever rushed a visit or that you didn’t have time for my questions. You have always treated me with respect and made me feel like I was important. Over the years, you worked with me trying different medications, shots, and even stem cells before concluding that total knee replacement surgery would need to be done. You knew that I wanted surgery to be my last option.

I never felt pressured by you to do the surgery and I always felt like you treated me with the utmost care like a family member. You knew my apprehension and even asked one of your other patience to contact me on her surgery. Being over weight was a big factor in my decision in putting surgery as my last option. It was nice to speak to someone about her surgery who was in the same condition as I was. On January 18,2018, you operated on my left knee and performed a Total Knee Replacement at St. Francis Hospital.

I have to say that all the staff at St. Francis Hospital that took care of me were top notch! Each and every person from nursing assistants, nurses, doctors, rehab instructors, and primarily you made my surgery experience comfortable and confident in the care I was receiving as a patient. Upon my release from the hospital, I started immediately going to rehab at your facility located at 5616 N Western Avenue.

Your staff from checking me in with Edgar or Teresa (she greets me with the warm heating towels for my knees), Yaffa, Giovanni, and Lou to name a few of the rehab instructors, they are really warm, caring, and wonderful people. They really care about my progress. When I check in for my follow up visits with you Violet, Mariam, and others have always made my follow up visits painless and enjoyable. I have to say that your entire staff and office are filled with great warm wonderful employees. They all deserve a note of appreciation from me. I enjoyed it so much at the beginning of the year that I felt confident in setting up another surgery for a total knee replacement on my right knee. My surgery was on September 27,2018 and I have to say that it went well and I am currently scheduled for rehab sessions at your office on 5616 N Western Avenue. I am grateful and thankful for your staff as they work with me for complete recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being a cookie cutter doctor, but one who is truly humble and caring about his patience. I see that you hire employees with that same type of quality. I feel like family when I come to your office. Don’t every change!

Alice Knudsen

Carla E. W

I have been a patient of Dr. G. Levi's for over 3 years. He has helped me with my knees (non-surgical knee injections-I highly recommend them) and currently with my hip pain. He and I discussed all the options and scheduled tests to determine exactly the cause of my pain. After several tests, Dr. G. Levi determined that I had a labrum tear in my left hip and he advised me that surgery was going to be the best resolve.

Dr. G. Levi's surgical scheduling assistant Karina sat down with me and scheduled my hip surgery at NORTH SHORE SURGICAL CENTER. She went over all of the pre-operative and post-operative paperwork and what pre-clearance examinations that needed to be done prior to the surgery, insurance information, as well as the need to start physical therapy the next day following the surgery. She was fantastic, friendly and available to answer any questions that I had.

Dr. G. Levi has a new surgical facility at the Illinois-Wisconsin border (NORTH SHORE SURGICAL CENTER). My sister and I drove to the facility and we were met with the nicest, most professional staff! The staff was very welcoming and friendly. Shortly after our arrival, I was taken to the pre-surgical area, met my nurse and soon thereafter met the anesthesiologist. Every medical professional introduced themselves and explained everything that they would be doing throughout the procedure. My procedure took a couple of hours and when I woke up I was not in much pain at all.

My sister and I were very impressed with the facility and staff as well. My sister said that while she waited, she was very comfortable watching television and playing on her iPad and the staff offered her refreshments as well. Dr. Gabriel and his staff work very hard to make certain that they met and exceeded my expectations; and that they do! The surgical facility may seem far to some, however the ride is well worth it. It really beats the hustle and bustle of very large hospitals. If I had to do it all again, I would not change anything!

My sincerest appreciation and thank you to Dr. Gabriel Levi, office & surgical staff!

Minerva H

I would like to say thanks to Dr. G. Levi and the entire staff. Thank you for doing an awesome job on my knee surgery. My overall experience was excellent. I'm finally pain-free and making really great progress. Once again thank you.


I would like to say thank you to all the doctors and staff. You all made my recovery very pleasant. The offices were always in great shape and the staff was always very friendly and helpful i greatly appreciate it from everyone.

Ana E

Dear Dr. Connors,

Before walking into your facility 7 months ago, my pain was endless, as on a daily basis my pain level surpass a 10. I've been elsewhere and found no improvement with my pain or mobility. I really felt hopeless and very low at spirit. From day one you had a plan , knew exactly what the best options were and have continue to bring the level of pain considerably down . My mobility has greatly improved.

Very appreciative of your excellent and professional manners. This center is very lucky to have a great doctor working closely to help and listen to patients needs.

Ewa B

Out of the three orthopedic surgeons I screened while searching for a doctor to replace my hip last year, Dr. Gabriel Levi truly stood out as the best option. I interviewed surgeons from Lutheran General Hospital as well as Lake Forest Hospital, and neither compared to the professionalism, compassion, and knowledge that Dr. Levi provided. He was able to thoroughly answer all of my questions including open ended inquiries. Never once did he brush off a question or want to push me to talk to the financial office instead. Because of this, I knew Dr. Gabriel Levi was the perfect doctor to replace my right hip! He replaced my hip in February 2016, and I was able to dance at my son wedding in September 2016! With high confidence I recommend Dr. Gabriel Levi to family and friends.

Beverly H

Hi. I would like to give a review for Dr. Gabriel Levi. He gave me a total knee replacement 2014. It's 2017 and my knee feels great!! And I want to call him the Knee God. He did an amazing job with the replacement. My mobility before replacement was 30 percent. Bone on bone spurs growing. I could go on and on about the pain. Knee was painful. Waking me up out of my sleep. Once Dr. Levi replaced it. My mobility increase like 100 percent. No more limping. Have not had any problems. NO MORE PAIN. The replacement was a success. Great Doctor.

Thank you more than I can say by giving me my mobility back.

Patricia B

I would like to let you know how happy I am to have Dr. Gabriel Levi taking care of me. I think he is wonderful. There habilitation center is really great also. The people are friendly and they do a great job. Anyone I know that might need a good Dr. I would be happy to give them the phone number let them know how happy they will be.

Thank You

M. A. Zimmerman

Dear Dr. Levi,

Like many people, I was apprehensive about seeing a new specialist who would perform hip replacement surgery. Before my appointment, I visited the Orthopaedic Rehabiliation Centers' website. There I found a video of Dr. Gabriel Levi explaining his approach to all types of orthopaedic surgery. What I viewed was a physician truly dedicated to not only his profession, but also, more importantly, to his patients' trust and comfort. It was extremely helpful to see and hear Dr. Gabriel before that first appointment.

After four months and a number of visits where I've also had the opprtunity to speak with him, I cannot say enough good about Dr. Gabriel Levi and the entire team at ORC, of which his own father, Dr. Roberto Levi, is both founder and director. I marveled at the impressive office, which includes on-site x-ray and what seems like every machine made for physical therapy. In addition, there is an atmosphere of totally serving the needs of every type of patient.

And my hip replacement? Totally successful! After experiencing 24/7 pain which worsened as the years went by-no more of that! An added plus is a series of injections of hyaluronic acid to relieve the knee pain of osteoarthritis. At 71 years, I've begun to feel closer to 50!

Thank you and your team so very much, Dr. Gabriel, for giving me back a life without that particular debilitating pain.

Rachel Mozes Cole

As an athlete, I have been a patient at ORC for the last 5 years. I have been treated for multiple issues related to my shoulder and back and have referred friends that have had surgeries for extensive injuries and ORC staff and Dr. Gaby Levi are unparalleled. Most surgeons want to don't surgery right away. Here, the doctors are looking at your lifestyle and health and the big picture. They care about YOU and have the most insightful, advanced thought process, treatments, options and take the time to make sure you understand your medical options. There is a personal touch that isn't common anymore. I have trusted them over and and over and they amaze me with their medical skills. I truly don't know what I would do without ORC. I have been to many doctors and here you will get the BEST of the BEST in every way.

Charlene A W

Thank You ORC Chicago Updating my previous post. My Husband recently had Athroscopy Surgery and All I can say is you guys did a remarkable Job. Dr. R. Levi, Sherrie Newman, Yesenia Espinoza are You're a #1 Class Act. Not to mention the office staff, they;re true professionals . Today I met Miriam & Vickie( Newby) Thank you guys for everything.. We truly appreciate you. I will be referring friends & family here, so get ready!!!!

Patricia P

Dr. Roberto Levi was recommended to me almost 15 years ago by my physician. Since then he has treated me for joint and bone related conditions and both he and his son have operated on me. They are skilled surgeons and precise diagnosticians, however, more importantly, they are patient and compassionate.

I'm 57 years old and their care over the years has allowed me to be physically active and continue going to the gym 4-5 times a week. They have a great team of physical therapists onsite who have coached me to recovery numerous times. We all "bully" our bodies at times when we work out, which in turn causes injuries. Their team has taught me that even the simplest things such as proper positioning when lifting weights can make the difference between strengthening or injuring.

Thank you to both Dr. Levi's for helping me stay in one piece while staying active!

Carol J C

Dear Dr. Connor,

I hope this finds you feeling good. I want to “thank you” for being such a wonderful help in my time of distress from a broken elbow/fall. You knew what therapy I needed to help me recover. I also appreciate that you suggested “balance therapy.” That has really been helpful, too. I should set aside time to practice daily. Lord knows, I don’t want any more falls. I feel lucky to have you, such a smart M.D, to turn to for help. My recovery is well along. I have good function in my arm. Wishing you all the best in life!

Dr. Gabriel Levi and his father are great doctors!  They help me tremendously. They have alleviated my knee pain to the point where I can walk, ride a bike, and run again without any pain! I will always appreciate Dr. G Levi and Dr. R Levi very much, and would recommend anyone who is having knee problems. They are true miracle workers!

Fauzia S

Dear Dr. Gabriel Levi,

I want to thank you for doing my left hip replacement surgery and plastic surgery on my hip incision.  I really appreciate you genuinely listening and answering all my questions with patience.  You have  a professional, very caring, kind demeanor.

My new hip is doing excellent.  I can walk normal now without pain, no more limping.  Your prescription for physical therapy before surgery helped me recover faster after surgery.

It is true to say that “your excellence can only be eclipsed by your kindness”. 

Wishing you the very best for the future.

A Heartfelt thanks, from one grateful patient,

Bertha and Columba

I am writing this on behalf of my Aunt Columba Preciado. We are very satisfied with the total knee replacement performed by Drs. Gabriel and Robert Levi. She was up and took a few steps the same day of surgery and walked the hospital corridor the next day. The amazing part and may not be the case for everyone was she did not have any pain. We all expected pain based on everything you hear from other patients. This was not her experience. When I asked some of the nurses at the hopsital about the lack of pain, the nurses said "Dr. Levi does his surgeries a little different and his patients do better, can walk sooner and have less pain." This was absolutely true in Columba's case. She continued rehab with a walker for only one more day then went back to the 4 prong cane but was able to stop using that withing 4 days.

We continued to be amazed because she was able to use a regular cane and does not even feel she needs that but to be safe she uses it when she goes out. This is unbelievable for a woman who was hunched over and struggling not to fall. Columba had struggled with her knee for many years and used a 4 prong cane. She developed back and leg problems from walking, leaning toward one side. It had also affected her balance and the ability to travel and use public transportation. Columba was a very independent woman but her knee forced her to stay home. This has all changed she is traveling, able to go out alone and pain free. Her only regret is that she suffered for so long and did not have the surgery sooner. She lost years with the bad knee. Columba did everything Dr. Levi told her. When they recommended 6 weeks of physcial therapy before the surgery we thought why but went. Dr. Levi said " I am replacing your knee not all the muscles so you need to strengthen them. They were great explaining all aspects of the procedure and how tendons that have been lazy or loose will now be tightened so it is imprtant to work them.

Maybe that is also the reason the surgery was a great success. She got to know many of Dr. Levi's other patients pre and post op and she was a bit of a celebrity. Some of them are worried about their surgery but she encouraged them to get it done and not suffer any longer. Plus seeing her workout for weeks afterward really helped. We found his staff to be warm, very attentive, everyone the physical therapists, nurses, scheduler, receptionists, billing insurance staff, they were great and almost everyone spoke Spanish, which Columba needed. I told Dr. Levi that if I every need a knee repalcement or any other ortho procedures, I will come right to him. We are very pleased with Drs. Levi and would highly recommend them.


My story started with O.R.C. in mid-December,2011. I have 2 knee repalcements, one in each knee. One day I went to the movies with a friend, and we came home, and were crossing Sheridan Rd., a block from my new digs, and right knee buckled!!! WOW!!! The pain was excrutiating. A very nice lady who'd been walking her dog, and had stopped at the corner with us, called 911 for an ambulance. They took me to the closest trauma center, and I was assigned to Drs. Roberto and Gabriel Levi.

Well, the news about my knee was not pretty. The old knee replacement was very damaged, and so was the patella tendon. I could not extend my leg w/o wincing in terrible agony. Finally,on Jan.26th,201eant2, I had a total knee revision. That meant 2 separate procedures, each one by this amazing father-son team. Well, now I am in p.t. here at good old University of O.R.C.,to work on bending my right leg, and try to get it to 90' and ,man can I extend my right leg.

Dr. Gabriel even has 2 videos he took on his phone of me lifting my leg in the air!!!!! WOWSERS!!! Meow for Now!!! Thank you all so much for helping to get mobile again. I can't wait to be on dancing with the stars and dance with Wm. Shatner(aka Capt. James T. Kirk, and T.J. Hooker). Whoo-hoo!!!!


I had a severe Tibia/Fibula break in May 2011 and came upon Dr. Gabriel Levi by "accident" as he was the on-call orthopedic trauma surgeon at Illinois Masonic upon my arrival. While awaiting the ambulance I was convinced I would never walk again as my leg appeared to be bent at a 90 degree angle where there should have been no bend! Dr. Levi inserted an intarmedullary rod and two days later I was able to weight bear. 6 months later I was able to start running again.


I had a Left Total Knee Replacement on May 2011. I am very pleased with how the operation went and on my recovery. I put my trust in Dr. Gabriel Levi and my results were excellent. Now I am completely recovered and I am happy with all the care and attention I received here. I congratulate Dr. Gabriel Levi for being great at what he does and I thank him for helping me.


Hi, my name is Ruth and I want to tell you that for many year's I suffered because my right knee was painful! and swollen, and I thank God that he gave knowledge to Dr. Gabriel Levi, whom gave me a knee replacement, I don't have any pain now and any pain after my surgery. This happened May last year. Now in January, my daughter had surgery with him and she does not have any pain. I wrote to testify if somebody suffers from knee pain, make the decision to have surgery to stop the pain, that I know sometimes, cannot bend the knee because they are very swollen. I recommend Dr. Gabriel Levi, who is in the Chicago area.


I just had surgery nearly two months ago and with therapy that i have been getting at Orthopedic& Rehabilitation has helped so much. The physical therapists know what there talking about when trying to find the right exsice for you to help you get back to normal. I have been coming every week since my surgery happen and i feel great after every session. all my appointments for the both the doctor and therapy have always been scheduled on time and never had a problem getting the treatment i needed. one of the things i loved the most was whenever i had a question for my doctor he always returned my calls and always had the answers to my questions. The hours are always flexiable and convenient since i have school in the morning and i could always have my treatments in the afternoon. So i know from experince that this is the place to go when you need treatment.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am 63 years old and on September of 2011 I had surgery on my right shoulder. I was referred by my primary doctor to Dr. Gabriel Levi who performed my surgery.

Before the surgery I was in a lot of pain. I was having trouble lifting my right arm and at time the pain was so strong that I was having trouble sleeping.

Since I had the surgery along with the physical therapy that I am receiving, I’m starting to feel 100% better. It’s been almost 3 months since I had my surgery and I feel great.

I would like to thank Dr. Gabriel Levi for being a great Orthopaedic surgeon, I 100% recommend him. He’s very caring he took the time to introduce me to the entire surgical team before my surgery and after the surgery when I was home he personally called me to see how I was feeling and to make sure I was comfortable pain wise. He always made sure that I was not suffering from too much pain.

Dr. Levi, Thank you so much for your advice and the kindness that you continue to give me as your patient.



My name is Antonio S - I am 71 years-old and I want to share with you my experience of my surgery. It has been three months since my surgery of my hip by Dr. Gabriel Steven Levi. I put myself and trust in God hands an the Doctor.

The results are wonderfull, when I woke up from the anesthesia I asked the Doctor if he did the surgery because I was not in any kind of pain, just discomfort from the anesthesia. My recovery was totally amazing. After three months, I am involved in my normal activities and actually am in no discomfort. The reason for this letter is to thank Dr. Gabriel S. Levi for the magnificent job he did. I personally recommend surgery to all people that need Orthopedic Surgery.

I will recommend them to go to the clinic of Dr. Levi, located at 5616 N. Western Ave. and the phone no 773-878-6233. Thank you Dr. Gabriel S. Levi for your professionalism and for your human kindness, and thanks to all the personnel that work - there, they are very kind and all bilingual.

Dear Dr. Gabrie'l Levi,

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for providing me with such excell'ent care:

The surgery, the follow up check up in your orthopaedic center and your devotion that led to my quick recovery. It is no wonder your parents named you Gabriel and they knew what they were doing:

Gabriel is one of the four angels that guard a person in time of need. And you, my very dear Doctor, justify the name to perfection! I conside'r myself very fortunate that you entered into my life at the age of 83 - and became my own special angel, and my whole family feels likewise.

Dear Dr. Gabriel Levi,

I wanted to express my appreciation for the services provided to me by your office as well as by you, especially, towards the pain I suffered on my left knee.

You recommended a Total Knee Replacement after many years of discomfort, fear, and pain.  After being referred to you and discussing my condition I had the surgery this past December 27, 2010.

Dr. Levi, I cannot put into words the relief the surgery and the subsequent therapy has done for me.  For the first time in several years my left knee is now pain free and your therapy department is very pleased with the progress I am making.  I am also very pleased with how the department has worked along with me to keep me in good form throughout the rehabilitation process.

Because of your confidence of my being able to recover and successfully go through with the surgery I found the courage to take your consultation to heart and place my hands in your care.  I hope I have shown how well what you predicted has come true.

Thank you so much for your skills, your bedside manner and the good graces of your office, its staff and your therapy department.

I am feeling so much better and cannot thank you further enough.

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