ORC now offering same day appointments for common orthopedic injuries. Why wait in line at the ER when we can see you at either of our two locations Lincoln Square or Wicker Park
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General FAQs

1. Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Only if you have HMO insurance. If you do not, then we are happy to see you without a referral.

2. What to bring for your initial consultation?

For your initial consultation, you will need to bring a referral letter from your physician if necessary. Here is check list for your initial consultation:

  • Previous x-ray, films, and test results relating to your injury/illness
  • Previous medical records relating to your injury/illness
  • Operative Reports from any previous surgeries
  • Your valid insurance card (s)
  • Insurance Information Needed:
    • Referral/authorization from a primary care physician
    • Workers Compensation information
    • Lien attorney information for personal injury cases and auto accidents
  • Patient Information forms
  • A list of your current medications
  • Information about what treatments and medications have been tried in the past

We encourage you to come to your initial consultation with a written list of questions to ensure you don’t forget to ask them when you are seeing the doctor.

3. Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

Your medical file is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. Our staff is bound by strict confidentiality requirements as a condition of employment regarding your medical records. We will not release the contents of your medical file without your consent.

4. How long do I need time off work after the surgery?

The post-operative recovery period varies based on the surgery. Generally, it is recommended patients take two weeks off work to recover from any surgery and to resume light duty following resumption of work. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow for a successful recovery.

5. When can I resume exercise?

Your doctor will instruct you about post-treatment exercises – the type and the duration to be followed. You may be referred to a physical therapist to help with strengthening and range of motion exercises following surgery.

6. How do I contact after hours?

We have a doctor on call 24 hours/day for emergencies at (773) 878-6233.


Medical FAQs

1. What are the non-surgical treatment options?

The non-surgical treatment options include rest, medications including analgesics and antibiotics, injections, and physical/occupational therapy.

2. Will physical therapy be required after surgery?

Getting full range of motion, strength, and flexibility back after surgery usually takes time. That is where pre-operative exercise, education, and post-operative physical therapy programs come in – to ensure you are physically and emotionally prepared for surgery and to maximize your recovery after surgery.

3. When can I return to daily activities?

This varies depending on the type of procedure undergone, and can range from a few days to a few months. Return to all activities, sports and exercise can take up to four to six months. Your doctor will advise you depending on your health condition.

4. What can happen if surgery is avoided?

Some complications of not undergoing an orthopaedic surgery for your condition include pain, loss of joint motion, joint weakness, numbness and an early onset of arthritis.

Our Services

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Joint Replacement

Do your knees ache with every step you take? Is your shoulder so stiff in the morning that it refuses to move? Have you considered having a joint replacement surgery, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers' highly trained team can help you determine if a joint replacement is suitable for you.


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More than one million fractures happen every year in the United States. If this statistic includes you, seek treatment right away to increase your chances of making a full recovery. The experienced orthopaedic specialists at Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers diagnose and treat fractures to get you on the road to recovery quickly.


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Sports Medicine

Sports injuries are common, but getting the proper care needed to make a full recovery is essential if you’re an athlete. The specialists at Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers offer comprehensive sports medicine services to get you back on the rink, court, or field as quickly as possible.





Pain and Injuries Treated

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Ankle & Foot Injuries

Ankle and foot injuries are common, especially if you play sports or have a chronic disease. Schedule an appointment with Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers to learn more about your options.

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Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries occur in your shoulder joint, which connects your torso to your upper arm. The joint is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Shoulder injuries are common, but you don’t have to live with the pain they often cause.

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Knee Pain

Knee pain is common, affecting most people at some point within their lifetime. Whether knee pain is due to an injury or degeneration associated with a disease, the experienced orthopaedic specialists at Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers offer solutions.

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Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and wrist pain can disrupt your life, causing problems with work, leisure-time activities, and ordinary daily routines. If you have persistent hand and wrist pain, it’s time to find out why and determine how to stop it.

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Back & Neck Pain

While common, neck and back pain can significantly diminish your quality of life. Fortunately, help is within reach at Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers. The skilled medical team finds the root cause of your discomfort and treats it to give you the relief you deserve.

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Hip Pain

If you struggle to walk because of persistent hip pain, it’s time to consider your options for treatment. The team at Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to ease pain and restore your hip function based on your individual needs.

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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain often results from overuse, and can significantly affect your ability to play sports or complete simple everyday tasks. Our experienced orthopaedic specialists offer solutions to ease elbow pain and restore your quality of life.

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Foot Pain

Foot pain can drastically hinder your quality of life by limiting mobility. If you experience long-lasting or severe foot pain, our experienced orthopaedic specialists offer conservative, medicinal, and surgical options for treating foot pain to get you back on your feet.

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